Why You Need Large-Format Tiles In Your Home


Large-format tiles are the perfect way to create a seamless, luxurious finish in your new bathroom or kitchen. Their grand size can instantly make your feature wall, kitchen splashback or bathroom a hero piece. Are you looking to take your entire home to the next level? Lay our large-format tiles throughout your entire home for that WOW factor. Are you ready to find out how you can use them effectively in your renovation?

What is a large-format tile?

A large-format tile is generally any tile which is larger than standard 600x600mm sizing. Common size options for large-format tiles are 450x900mm, 900x900mm, and 600x1200mm. A new size option, 750x1500mm, is emerging in the Australian market and is perfect for kitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls, and shower enclosures.

What’s the benefit of large-format tiles?

Large-format tiles are particularly popular as they can replicate large marble and stone slabs without the cost or maintenance associated with natural stone. With tiles, you can enjoy the high aesthetic value of marble with the durability and longevity of porcelain.

Porcelain is resistant to scratches and stains. It’s also incredibly strong, and there are a huge variety of designs available to suit the style of your room. Our Marmi Grande 750x1500mm slab tiles are available now in four classic marble designs – perfect for renovators who want to create a luxurious space with marble features, without the cost or maintenance. We’ve also ordered a brand-new slab tile, Pisa Gold 750x1500mm, which is inspired by the timeless Macchia Vecchia marble: fine grey, amber and gold veins against a warm off-white background.

Marmi Grande Calacatta Polished 750x1500mm

Pisa Gold Polished 750x1500mm

Which large-format tile is right for me?

It depends on the size of your room, and, as with any tile selection, your preferred style or look.

When laying large-format tiles in a small bathroom, it’s best to choose a tile that fits evenly in your room with minimal cutting. For example, if your bathroom is 2.4 x 1.2 metres, a 600x1200mm tile is the best size option for this space – you’ll be able to fit 4 tiles evenly on the floor.

Finding a stylish design in a large-format size is easy due to the vast range of options currently available. At Designer Tile Company we stock a huge range of large-format tiles in a huge variety of colours, patterns, and finishes. Have a look here.

How do I mix and match with large-format tiles?

Large-format tiles look great when paired with contrasting feature tiles – especially tiles that are a different colour or size to the large-format tile.

For example, in the below shower, our Statuario Bianco Matt 600x1200mm tiles have been used on the wall and floor, with a smaller subway version of the same tile (Statuario Bianco Matt Subway 75x300mm) used in the small niche area to create visual interest.


You can use large-format tiles in any room, indoor and outdoor, pending the finish and slip rating. Large-format tiles make excellent flooring in hallways, kitchens and living areas. They’re low maintenance and easy to clean – exactly what you want in these high-traffic areas.

As mentioned earlier, large-format tiles can be used in bathrooms – they’re particularly good for shower enclosures – and as kitchen splashbacks as they create fewer grout lines than smaller tiles.

Some large-format tiles are available in external anti-slip finishes, such as our Bluestone 600x1200mm tiles. These tiles are great for patios, alfresco areas, driveways, pool surrounds, and courtyards.



  • Create fewer grout lines which means less cleaning
  • They’re available in a huge range of colours, patterns, and finishes
  • They can make your space look and feel luxurious due to their grand size
  • They can add a sense of height or depth to a space when utilised correctly
  • They’re strong and durable


  • They’re heavy and almost always require 2 people to lift them
  • They can be more challenging to cut than standard or small-sized tiles

Large-format tiles are excellent for creating optical illusions and adding height and depth to your space. For example, if you have average-height ceilings, using large-format tiles vertically on the wall will lengthen the height of the room and make it appear taller than it actually is.

Large-format tiles are also an excellent flooring option due to their scale. Open-plan living areas and sizable rooms benefit from large-format tiles as they help maintain the proportion and scale of the space and won’t crowd it with too many grout lines.

Visit our showroom to discover our range of large-format tiles and discuss your specific requirements in-person with our team of tile experts. They’ll be able assist with you planning your design, as well as colour consultation, grout selection and more. The task of selecting tiles won’t feel so daunting with our team by your side – come and say hello at 1664-1666 Centre Road, Springvale.

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