The Best Tiles for Modern Mediterranean Interior Design


Are you looking for a holiday-at-home vibe for your home renovation? Look no further than the Mediterranean interior design style. This sun-kissed style is inspired by numerous countries on the Mediterranean Sea – like Italy, Spain, Greece, and Morocco. Mediterranean interior design is all about creating relaxed luxury with earthy and rustic features, in addition to a focus on indoor-outdoor living.

Natural colours and materials feature heavily throughout Mediterranean interiors. Warm shades of white, beige, and tan, and natural materials like stone, cement, and unfinished wood are used frequently. Tiled floors, used throughout the home and carried through to outdoor areas, are a major aspect of Mediterranean style.

Keep reading to discover the best wall and floor tiles for Mediterranean style homes, including application in bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and outdoors.

Subway and square tiles in earthy tones

Small format tiles like subways and squares are perfect for kitchen splashbacks and bathroom walls in modern Mediterranean homes. Earthy colours like white, beige, cream, red-brown, and pale pink are all stand-out choices thanks to the neutral yet warm ambiance they create.

Tiles with moderate colour variation will add a rustic feel. Variation between each tile highlights the natural properties of the material and can also bring an ‘aged’ charm. If you like this look, choose tiles with a V2, V3, or V4 variation rating.

Available in a wide selection of charming colours, our Coco and Argile collections are perfect for modern Mediterranean kitchens and bathrooms. Matt finish tiles are suitable for use on floors, so you can create intricate and decorative patterns like herringbone floors.

Coco Canvas Matt and Gloss 50x150mm

Coco Orchard Pink Matt 50x150mm

Terracotta-look tiles

Mediterranean interiors throughout history have been characterised by terracotta and its earthy tones: from pinkish beige to reddish-brown. Our Argile Cotto and Argile Siena tiles are the perfect small-format option for a terracotta floor in a bathroom, laundry, entryway, or mudroom.

For a modern Mediterranean style living room or indoor-outdoor space, our Cottofaenza collection is the perfect flooring solution. The spirit of traditional ceramics is underlined by oxidations at the edges of Cottofaenza’s design, highlighting the timeless, natural beauty of the material. Cottofaenza is available in a 600×600 size with four colour options: Terracotta Matt, White Matt, Sandstone Matt and Sandstone External.

Encaustic tiles

Encaustic tiles are highly decorative square tiles which usually include two or more colours in the design. They have been used for centuries, particularly in Italy and Morocco. Intricate patterns and bold, geometric designs define encaustic tiles, and they are the perfect addition to any modern Mediterranean interior.

Encaustic tiles are a great way to add visual interest to floors, kitchen splashbacks, feature walls, and even to decorate the back of an island bench or bar. Balance is important when using encaustic tiles, so it can be a good idea to pair a colourful encaustic feature with lots of neutrals to create visual harmony.

Our Maioliche Cementine and Vintage collections are Italian-designed and made porcelain encaustic tiles inspired by various Mediterranean cultures.

Warm, light-coloured tiles

Stone-look tiles in warm shades of beige, cream, and ivory are popular in modern Mediterranean interiors, especially when used as flooring and in wet areas. The natural beauty of stone is the perfect backdrop to any modern Mediterranean home. Neutral coloured tiles can be easily paired with intricate feature tiles, like the Liberty Moon Décor 295×595 tiles below, or with Kit Kat tiles like Japanese Traces White Linen.

Create your very own oasis at home with the modern Mediterranean interior design style. Do you need help selecting tiles for your upcoming project? Visit our friendly and knowledgeable team at 1664-1666 Centre Road, Springvale to discuss your requirements.

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