How to Design a Modern Country Style Bathroom


With so many people making a treechange in recent years, it’s not surprising that the Modern Country interior design style has surged in popularity. While Modern Country embraces rustic charm, it’s wise to avoid going overboard with elements that are overly themed or cliched. Here’s how to design your Modern Country bathroom so it becomes a cohesive, balanced, and charming space that fits in well with the rest of your home.

Choose your colour palette

Selecting a colour palette is a great place to start when designing your modern country bathroom. And you’ll be surprised to know that formulating one for this style is relatively easy – modern country tends to favour neutrals and relaxed, organic colours. Think cream, beige, white, grey, and charcoal. To inject pops of colour, choose nature-inspired tones like duck egg blue, navy, rust, or forest green.

For tapware, brushed metals are a stand-out choice. They create a raw, organic look that’s simultaneously luxe. And for wood tones, the modern country style is best executed with rich medium browns that aren’t too yellow, or too dark.

Image source: CompleteHome

Decide on a hero piece

Some of the best modern country bathrooms feature an iconic hero piece that either highlights country living or celebrates the heritage of the home. Some of our favourite hero pieces include:

• A claw foot bath

• A statement basin, like a butler’s sink, vintage vanity, or concrete basin

• Provincial-style tapware

Think about how the rest of your bathware will work in unison with your hero piece. A sense of balance is important as you want your hero piece to stand out, but not completely overpower the space. For example, you could balance a concrete basin with sleek, contemporary tapware.

Basin by Concrete Nation

Find the perfect tiles

Tiles will instantly define any bathroom, so you want to be thoughtful with your selections to ensure you achieve the look you’re going for. Thankfully, our sales consultants can help you find your perfect tiles if you opt to visit our Springvale showroom. However, if you can’t make the trip, this handy chart that shows you the best tile combinations for your modern country bathroom:

As you can see, modern country loves subway tiles paired with square, encaustic floor tiles. This is quite a popular look with influenced strongly by traditional and heritage interiors which have helped shape the modern country style.

Marble– and stone-look tiles are also great choices for modern country as they can accentuate a rural setting. Try not to select floor tiles with a pattern that is too angular or harsh – you want to continue a soft, natural look inspired by the outdoors. You can modernise the room by adding in some kit kat tiles, or a subway tile laid in a vertical stackbond pattern.

If you’ve been researching modern country bathrooms in magazines and online, you’ll notice that a lot of designs use timber flooring. While these materials fit in with the rustic style, they’re not recommended for use in a bathroom. Instead, you can get a waterproof timber-look floor in your bathroom with our Intarsio range of porcelain tiles, which is inspired by parquetry.

P.S. Looking for timber flooring for the rest of your home? Take a look at our range of hybridvinyllaminate, and engineered timber. Timber flooring is the most common flooring choice for living areas in country style homes. It offers an unbeatable amount of warmth and charm that complements this style perfectly.

Define your space

After you’ve decided on a colour palette, hero piece, and selected your tiles, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your space with styling. A great way to style a modern country bathroom is to include a mix of traditional and modern pieces (avoid ultra-modern however, as you don’t want your space to appear harsh or out-of-place), as well as a tasteful mix of both second-hand and new purchases.

Upcycled furniture is a staple choice in modern country rooms. Style your bathroom with cast-iron wall hooks (to hang towels and plants), and vintage baskets, chairs, stools, or end tables to add character to your space. Finish with some flowers or greenery, speckled ceramics, and aged metals (think brass candlestick holders, or a metal pitcher) for a Pinterest-worthy bathroom.

Image source: Dwell

Do you need help selecting tiles for your upcoming bathroom project? Visit our friendly and knowledgeable team at 1664-1666 Centre Road, Springvale so we can help bring your dream to life.


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