Why Are Italian Tiles So Popular?

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Have you ever wondered why Italian-made tiles are loved by interior designers, architects, and luxury home enthusiasts? You’ve often seen the label “Made in Italy” in everyday life, whether it be on an article of clothing, a piece of furniture, or a kitchen accessory. You’ve probably also noticed it’s mentioned a lot by tile retailers.

So, what distinguishes Italian-made tiles from other products?

Italian Tiles are Design Savvy

Globally, Italy dominates the design industry, and tiles are no exception.

Italian tile companies are at the forefront of innovative tile design and manufacturing processes. They invest in new manufacturing techniques to continuously improve their product, and dedicate resources into developing natural-looking, stylish wall and floor tiles.

Pictured: X-Rock Black 600x1200mm Porcelain Tiles

In any space where tiles are heavily used, like bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial spaces, the design of the chosen tile can make or break the entire space. Italian-made tiles, whether they are replicating marble, natural stone, or concrete, often look as authentic as possible to the natural material.

If you’ve ever viewed our X-Rock tiles in real life, you’ll know that the tile’s vein details are raised higher than the rest of the tile, to replicate the feel of real stone. X-Rock also gently catches the light, giving it a luxurious shimmer that pays homage to natural stone.

Italian-made tiles often boast numerous colours, size, and finish options per collection. This is another reason why they’re so loved by interior designers – the design possibilities are often endless.

This leads us into our next point…

Italian Tiles Have Many “Tile Faces”

Wait, what’s a tile face? And why does it matter how many there are? The number of tile faces refers to the number of different patterns available. If there are more patterns available, each tile will look slightly different, which will result in a more natural-looking space. Most Italian-made tile collections will offer at least 8 faces per tile.

Pictured: Ashima Grey Matt Porcelain TilesSee how many different patterns there are?

Tile faces are particularly important when the tile design is replicating marble or stone. You don’t want the same vein design appearing in a repetitive, uniform pattern throughout your space, because it doesn’t look nice (trust us)!

Our Italian-made X-Rock collection boasts 64 different tile faces for the 300×600 format, 32 faces for the 600x600mm format, and 16 faces in 600x1200mm. You won’t have to worry about pattern repeat when you choose X-Rock – just gorgeous, natural-looking tiles.

Here’s an example of X-Rock’s variation:

Pictured: X-Rock Grey Matt 600x1200mm Porcelain Tiles

And last but not least, there’s another reason why Italian tiles are loved:

Italian Tile Manufacturers are Industry Leaders in Sustainability

Many Italian tile factories have their own green policies that aim to minimise harm done to the environment during the manufacturing process. The producer of our X-Rock tiles, Imola Ceramica, recycles 96% of waste from industrial activities and offices each day.

Imola is also a member of the Green Building Council Italia, which seeks to promote the LEED accreditation system. LEED is an energy-environmental accreditation system for buildings, and many interior designers and architects in Australia request LEED-certification or other environmental certificates when specifying projects.

Pictured: X-Rock Grey External 600x1200mm Porcelain Tiles

So, if you’re after tiles that are high-quality, stylish, and sustainable, choose Italian-made tiles.

At Designer Tile Company, we offer an unbeatable range of Italian-made wall and floor tiles for any room in your home. Not only that, but our Melbourne warehouse carries thousands of square meters of Italian-made tiles, so you can take them home right away.

Shop Italian-made tiles online now, or visit our showroom located at 1664-1666 Centre Road, Springvale to view in-store tile displays. 



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