How to Design a Japandi Style Bathroom

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Are you drawn to bathrooms with that evoke feelings of warmth, tranquillity, and relaxation? If yes, we highly recommend looking into Japandi, the latest trend in interior design. For those who aren’t yet familiar, the Japandi style is a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Japanese design is notorious for embracing harmony and simplicity; it has a timeless appeal that celebrates nature. Scandinavian design has surged in popularity in recent years, as many homeowners have been drawn to its combination of clean lines and comfortable, relaxed styling.

The Japandi style is all about creating a soothing atmosphere which takes key elements from both Japanese and Scandinavian interiors. In particular, Japandi style bathrooms are serene, relaxing, and spa-like spaces.

Keep reading to learn how to design your very own Japandi bathroom.

1. Bring the Outdoors In

Where possible, incorporate windows and/or skylights into your design to bring in as much natural light as you can. This will your bathroom look bright and airy, as well as evoke feelings of calm.

You can also bring the outdoors in by thoughtfully styling your space with plants. However, keep in mind: Japandi style doesn’t gel with the “urban jungle” trend of too-many-plants. The spirit of Japandi is more minimalistic and refined, so you may select one large plant over several smaller ones in your Japandi bathroom. Some popular plant varieties for the Japandi look are bonsai, yuccas, succulents, and monsteras.

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2. Define Your Space with Kit Kat Tiles

When designing a Japandi style bathroom, Kit Kat Tiles are the ultimate tile choice. These rectangular mosaic tiles are assembled in a stack-bond pattern, which gives them a clean, contemporary appearance. Kit Kat tiles are a popular choice among renovators; many people select them for splashbacks, showers, and bathroom walls.

At Designer Tile Company, one of our most popular tile collections is Japanese Traces, which is heavily inspired by Japanese Raku pottery, and features an antique crackle-effect glaze. Japanese Traces is available in many wonderful colours: Linen WhiteSage GreenSoft BlueTurquoise and Emerald, as well as in Plain White and Plain Black.

You can see the unique glaze and variation of Japanese Traces below:

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We also offer other popular styles of Kit Kat tiles for your Japandi style bathroom, such as our 22x145mm White Matt Kit Kat Tiles and the Grey Gloss Concave Kit Kat Tiles. Plus, we have a brand-new addition coming soon, and available now for pre-order: 15x145mm White Matt Kit Kat Tiles.

3. Select a Neutral, Warm Colour Scheme

Japandi is all about bring a sense of peace and calm into your home. Because of this, Japandi colour schemes heavily feature neutral colours such as white, cream, taupe, beige, olive, muted red, brown, and black. We recommend choosing warm tones and earthy hues that remind you of nature.

Check out our Japandi Bathroom Moodboard below:

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4. Use Natural Materials

Natural materials are a huge feature in Japandi interiors. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and naturally sourced timber is the perfect choice for your bathroom vanity and shelving. When styling your bathroom vanity with vases and home decor, select pieces made from glass, concrete, and ceramic materials, crafted in organic shapes. For any furniture pieces, like a basket or a stool, choose bamboo, cane, wicker, or rattan.

Create the perfect natural base for your Japandi bathroom with our Ultra White Matt 600x600mm porcelain tiles. These durable porcelain tiles can be applied to both walls and floors for a seamless look. 

5. Keep Your Styling Simple

Unlike other interior styles such as Bohemian and Cottagecore, Japandi doesn’t embrace crowded corners full of clutter and ‘stuff’. Reduce visual clutter in your Japandi bathroom by paring back the styling on your bathroom vanity, shelves, and shower ledge/niche. Be selective when choosing pieces for styling and arrange items thoughtfully to preserve a feeling of peacefulness in your space.

Are you ready to begin your Japandi style bathroom renovation?

Get started by browsing our range of Kit Kat Tiles, the perfect design element for your new Japandi bathroom.



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