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$72.00 /box = $50.00 /m2

123 boxes (177.11 m2) on order, due to arrive on 6th of March
319 boxes (459.33 m2) on order, due to arrive on 19th of March
Actual Area (m2) 1.44
Note: your area will be rounded to a whole box quantity
Total Price $72.00

Valley Stone is an innovative new tile range that can be applied seamlessly indoors and out thanks to Sensitech technology. When dry, these tiles have a typical indoor slip rating of P2, but when wet the rating changes to P4. Valley Stone has a smooth surface that’s soft to walk on and easy to clean. Thanks to its P4 slip rating when wet, Valley Stone can be applied in outdoor and commercial spaces without the need for a traditional external surface texture. Valley Stone is available in four colours and three size options.

Additional Information
Weight 31 kg/box (7.75 kg/piece)

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